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BLPL commenced liner operations as NVOCC in 2007 to provide multi-modal transport services between Singapore, Malaysia and Bangladesh and went from strength to strength to become a major force in the logistics industry. Our shipping operations cover South East Asia, Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and East Africa in the west.

In our opinion the container industry as a whole may continue to suffer in 2016 as (freight) rate levels will remain at present levels throughout in most market segments. The downward pressure on freight rates is caused by larger shipping companies ordering bigger vessels to pursue their own cost efficiencies, which in turn created more supply in the industry.

BLPL’s competitive edge lies in our dedicated commitment towards our customers, unwavering focus on maintaining a high level of adaptability towards the changing market conditions and our emphasis on strategic business development both internally and externally.

Located strategically in Singapore, the regional hub for shipping and logistics activities, BLPL grabbed opportunities to tap into countries across the region, given that trade in Asia is flourishing over recent years.

With the increasing competitiveness in this industry contributing to the lingering overcapacity in the market, BLPL is looking to strengthen our existing position by venturing into niche markets and will continue to focus on strategic expansions in the region, ensuring that BLPL remains at the forefront of the industry.

Here's wishing all our customers, trade partners, service providers and staff a successful 2020.